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Why I Crochet

Hello my name is Rebecca,

My Grandmother taught me the basics for crochet and sewing. 
I loved and admired her very much and cherish everything she ever taught me.

I asked my Grandmother to teach me to crochet right before I moved across the united states.  It was Dec. 1999 and we were gearing up for a major change in our lives.  I had recently been married and was ready to leave the nest.  

My Grandmother taught me the basic stitch, which was the chain stitch.  She told me to work the chain stitch until every stitch was the same size.  She would not teach me a new stitch until I had mastered it and had inspected it for her approval.  

I loved the fact that my Grandmother did not give me a book to learn with because now I have wonderful memories of the time we spent together.  These are the moments in my life which mean so much to me because my Grandmother was very close to me and I miss her dearly.  

My first crochet item I made was of course a crochet snowflake.  Well it was winter after all and there has to be snowflakes.   My Grandmother made me use worsted weight yarn for the snowflake so it turn out to be a coaster.  She told me it was easier to learn to crochet with thicker yarn and she was right.  

I know she would be proud to see me designing my own patterns today and in my heart I know she is looking down from heaven and smiling. 


My Grandmother passed away about a month and half after she taught me to crochet. 
I am so glad for the time we spent together. 


I created the ROCK'N Snowflake scarf pattern in 2008 in honor of my Grandmother.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about what makes me tick. :)


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